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panda_fisher's Journal

20 August 1989
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-This is a blog for a Changeling: The Lost play-by-post. Everything here is fiction.-

DESCRIPTION of Rebecca Fisher

To mortal eyes, she is a plain-looking girl with chestnut hair which hides the right side of her face most of the time. She usually wears a brown dress, covering her arms and legs, with a tabard-like overdress of rough black cloth, which has a pocket in the front and a hood in the back. She never wears shoes.

Behind the mask is a broad countenance streaked with white and auburn fur, the face shows one shining black eye. The other is hidden by medium-length red hair which sweeps back toward pointed ears covered in soft white fur. Her arms are velvety black, ending in elongated paws, normally half-closed into fists. An ample tail, with alternately fair and ruddy rings trails behind her. Her stocky form moves in sure, firm steps, but betrays a sense of the ethereal.